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Hello ! My name is Irina Mikhaylova (Umanskaya).
I am from Moscow, Russia.

I received my international Women Grandmaster (WGM) title about 23 years ago. I was winning at many international and Russian chess tournaments. I have also participated in many chess Championships of the World (blitz), Europe and Russia. I am a professional chess coach.


My lessons

In 1997 I started my teaching activity as a chess coach of highest qualification. This is confirmed by "Diploma with distinction" of The High School of Coaches (State University of Physical Culture, Moscow, 1992).

In 2006 I defended my PhD thesis “The training of advanced junior chess-players using chess software and internet resources” . See my Resume for details.

About my lessons.

I have developed a new efficient education course for chess training. It allows a chess player to get the International Master title (FIDE ELO more than 2400) within two years. My last pupil Artur Gabrielian (GM) (ICC nickname Dinamit) has 2539 FIDE rating. The course is devoted to developing skills of chess players using Internet and special chess software. It consists of the advanced and the adapted part of 100 and 10 hours, respectively.

Concerning the adapted part, I should suggest a special ten-hour course based on the study of openings, endgames, tactical exercises, and games with deep post-game analysis. I believe it would be more useful to start with the ten-hour course for a beginner. However, advanced players might also find it useful in many aspects of chess play. The schedule of the adapted course depends on individual skills of the player. Usually, it includes the following:

  • At the beginning, I study carefully your chess games in ICC (or other chess play zone) to elaborate the best strategy for improving your chess skills to perfection.
  • Further, four of ten hours cover the openings for both sides, White and Black. In addition, you will learn some schemes of the modern theory for openings as well as middlegame strategies.
  • Some lessons explain common tactical mistakes and I give some recommendations on how to avoid them (2 hrs).
  • The same applies to endgames.
  • The last two hours are scheduled for answering (online) your questions concerning chess in general. It is advisable that I receive more general questions in advance by email.

Thus, during 10 hours you can get the basic skills with the help of the adapted course based on my education method. After that, you might decide whether you prefer to improve your chess play independently or to continue with my advanced course.

The advanced course consists of 100 hours of lessons which give you the basic skills of an advanced chess player with a high play rating. The general topics of my advanced course are presented in my book “Strategy of the Champions: Thinking in Schemes”. Unfortunately, it was published in Moscow one year ago in Russian only.

Attention! The English version of my book "Strategy of the Champions: Thinking in Schemes " appeared in print in April, 2012. The electronic version of the book can be ordered at Please, contact me if you have any questions.

I give my lessons in English, German and Russian.


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