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Irina Mikhaylova (Umanskaya), born on June 9, 1963, has lived in Moscow since 1982, is a professional coach of highest category.

Title: International Woman Grand Master (ELO FIDE-2288).


Education and Academic Achievements:

PhD thesis "The training of advanced junior chess-players using chess software and internet resources" (2006).
  • 1990 - 1992 – High Trainer-School of the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport (Moscow). Specialty: high category chess trainer, diploma with distinction, state registration number 2 ДВА #174773.
  • 1984-1988 – the State Institute of the Physical Culture (now the Russian State University of Physical Culture and Sport), Moscow. Specialty: Chess Coach - diploma with distinction, state registration number Г1#477209.

Additional education:

1997-1999 - Skills Development course at Moscow Institute of Networks and Computer Technologies:
  • Course: Internet media, certificate #1-126, 1999.
  • Course: PC upgrade and diagnostics, certificate #W-112 1999.
  • Course: Word and Excel as basic programs, certificate #W-211, 1999.
  • Course: Computer for all professions, certificate # 7-0155, 1997.
  • Course: Basic methods of blind typing, 1997.

Sport Achievements:

A winner of International Chess Tournaments, a participant of the championship of the World (blitz)2010, Russia and Europe 2001, a member of the top 50 greatest chess woman players worldwide (FIDE-ELO) 1992-1994. Please watch the video:

Work experience:

  • 1997-2003 – T. Petrosjan chess club, coach of the highest category.
  • 2004-2005, I worked as an expert at chess software company "ChessAssistant", one of the developers of the "Chess Planet" zone ( I applied my training method in distant teaching (86 online lectures).
  • An Assistant Professor at the Departament of Chess Theory and Practice (Russian University of Social Sciences, I have taught Information Technology to chess players and coaches since 2006.
See my photo at a lecture.

А chess match on 100 boards - Russian State Social University against Moscow State University, 2011- 85,5-24,5!

Please watch the video:

Publications, activities and awards:

I am the author of the book "Strategy of the Champions: Thinking in Schemes" (272 p., Moscow 2011), and the author of more than 70 articles in chess and scientific journals (see some of them in My publications written in 1994-2011.

I have developed a newest computerized training method for chess players coaching. Among my students are International Masters: V. Evelev, V. Kuporosov, N. Kurenkov (Champion of Russia). I taught as well E. Fatalebekova (World champion among veterans) and Roza Те (Woman Grand Master of France) and Artur Gabrilian.

I was awarded a Soros Grant in 1999 from the Institute of the Open Association for the achievements in the computer technology development for children.

My hobby: swimming. I have my personal record - 2000 m in just 58 minutes. Let's be together!

My second hobby: Labrador-retriever Peter. It swims faster, however.


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